Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal with the Q-switched 4 wave laser Revlite

Price per session.

  • Plain, dark tattoos

    from CHF 250.-
  • Multicolored, complex tattoos

    from CHF 450.-
  • R20 (3 treatments in 1 session), plain / one color

    from CHF 450.-
  • R20 (3 treatments in 1 session), multi-colored

    from CHF 650.-

Important information:

All prices are in CHF. Prices shown may be subject to change. The current pricelist is available at the clinic.

We provide you with an exact quotation during a personal consultation which involves no commitment on your part whatsoever. The first consultation costs 150.-. In case that You decide to have a treatment with us, 100.- will be counted as prepayment for Your first treatment.

Please arrange an appointment with our office (Telephone: +41 (0) 44 387 99 20).