In order to maintain and improve the condition of the skin, effective skin care-programs have to be based on three principles: Prevention, correction and protection. The philosophy of SkinCeuticals relies on this principle: To prevent future damage, protect the skin and rectify damage already suffered, SkinCeuticals develops advanced skin care products of supreme scientific standards.

SkinCeuticals at The Bodyclinic Zurich

At our day clinic, we combine anti-aging treatments with highly effective SkinCeuticals products. If the customised applications are also used at home, the treatment ensures visible improvement of the skin’s condition and successful anti-aging results.

The SkinCeuticals concept

SkinCeuticals has elaborated an anti-aging approach that is based on three elemental and supplementary principles:

  • to PREVENT the signs of premature skin aging by neutralising the free radicals responsible for skin-damaging oxidation.
  • to CORRECT already visible symptoms of skin aging to regain a young and radiant look.
  • to PROTECT healthy skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation by sun protection.

New: H.A. Intensifier by SkinCeuticals

At our day clinic, the outstanding products made by SkinCeuticals are more popular than ever before. Today, we are able to present another SkinCeuticals innovation: H.A. INTENSIFIER serum for smooth and firm skin. H.A. INTENSIFIER is a multi-functional corrective serum that increases the skin’s hyaluronic acid content by 30%. The results speak for themselves: More firmness, density and volume and matchlessly smooth skin. To achieve ideal skin care we recommend using the products in combination with antioxidant serum, corrective care products that meet your skin’s individual needs and sun protection products.

The new serum as well as the entire SkinCeuticals care line is available at our day clinic. We’re pleased to provide you with individual and detailed information on your skin’s condition.