Double chin

A double chin is caused by accumulated fat or a roll of flab underneath the chin and in the upper section of the neck. In the respective area, the skin and muscles are slack, which leads to imprecise facial contours. The face thus no longer appears clear-cut and the facial features forfeit their expressiveness. Men and women likewise can be affected by double chin.

What causes a double chin

A double chin may have numerous underlying causes. The main and most frequent one is overweight. The fat accumulates underneath the chin and will frequently not fully disappear again even after a diet. But slim people can just as well be prone to double chin.

How to get rid of a double chin

All those who do not just want to accept their double chin can resort to efficient treatment options these days. At our day clinic, we observe very good results being achieved by injection lipolysis. Making use of a specific applicator for the chin area, we can also counteract the double chin by cryolipolysis. Have you got any questions or are you interested in a counselling interview? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: 044 387 99 20


Cryolipolysis by CLATUUTM in Zurich (Fat Reduction by cold)

It has been known for a long time already (since 1966) that prolonged exposure of fat tissue to cold can lead to a volume reduction of this tissue (see references). The idea to use this fact to reduce undesired localized fat deposits was researched clinically by American scientists. An American company then developed the first equipment for clinical use. With CLATUUTM, our day clinic in Zurich deploys state-of-the-art technology in the cryolipolysis sector.

Injection Lipolysis / Anti-Fat Injection

“Anti-fat injections” are perfect to reduce or even eliminate minor, unwanted fat pads that cannot be counteracted by work-out and a healthy diet. Normal-weight patients will benefit the most from this treatment even though obese patients will also be able to improve specific problematic areas with it.