Bodyshaping / Bodyforming

To get you in shape again and to reduce fat pads, and saggy or orange peel skin, we can offer you various treatments.

A specific reduction in fat pads round the stomach and hips with the latest cryotechnology (Kryolipolyse of KryoShape®), or with injection lipolysis (injection to remove fat).

We can offer you expert advice and treatment for your figure problems.

Modern devices & technologies

Clatuu AlphaTM

With Clatuu AlphaTM, we back our cryolipolysis treatments on state-of-the-art technology. Clatuu AlphaTM meets the highest quality expectations in terms of measurement control and treatment effectiveness.


Cryolipolysis by CLATUUTM in Zurich (Fat Reduction by cold)

It has been known for a long time already (since 1966) that prolonged exposure of fat tissue to cold can lead to a volume reduction of this tissue (see references). The idea to use this fact to reduce undesired localized fat deposits was researched clinically by American scientists. An American company then developed the first equipment for clinical use. With CLATUUTM, our day clinic in Zurich deploys state-of-the-art technology in the cryolipolysis sector.

Injection Lipolysis / Anti-Fat Injection

“Anti-fat injections” are perfect to reduce or even eliminate minor, unwanted fat pads that cannot be counteracted by work-out and a healthy diet. Normal-weight patients will benefit the most from this treatment even though obese patients will also be able to improve specific problematic areas with it.

Mesotherapy for cellulite (Vital Injector II)

We use the most innovative form of mesotherapy to treat cellulite in our practice in Zurich. This method uses the Vital Injector to inject the patented active ingredient complex RRS® Cellutrix directly into the affected areas of your skin.